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Stop Weakness, Numbness, and Pain From Sciatica Today

Do you suffer from sciatica pain, weakness, and numbness? If so, you know just how debilitating such symptoms can be. However, it’s by no means an uncommon condition. In fact, it’s estimated that between 10 and 40 percent of Americans experience sciatica at some point in their life. Yet traditional methods of treatment for sciatica – such as surgery, chiropractic care, and painkillers – can be invasive and expensive, not to mention potentially dangerous.

But what if there was an easier, non-surgical solution for sciatica?

That’s where Neuragenex Neurofunctional Pain Management comes in. Our non-invasive, opioid-free treatment option can help provide potentially long-term relief from sciatica pain, weakness, and numbness. Our whole-person approach is focused on treating the root cause of your pain, helping you get long-term relief and improved mobility.

  • Struggling to stay on your feet
  • Avoiding physical activities due to pain
  • Living in constant worry of pain flare-ups
  • Relying on pain medications
  • Living an active life
  • Enjoying a pain-free life
  • Participating in more physical activities

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What Causes Sciatica Pain?

Sciatica is a condition that is known for causing pain in the lower back, legs, and buttocks. It’s caused by compression of the sciatic nerve, which is the body’s longest and widest nerve. It travels all the way from the lower back down to your feet. When the sciatic nerve becomes compressed, it can cause feelings of sharp pain in the lower back and buttocks, weakness and numbness in the legs and feet, tingling sensations such as the feeling of pins and needles, and even difficulty with bladder or bowel control. It’s worth mentioning that these symptoms typically only affect one side of the body.

It’s also important to note that sciatica is a symptom, not a diagnosis – so it’s crucial to figure out the root cause of your sciatic nerve compression to properly treat it. Although sciatica can subside after four to six weeks, if it doesn’t go away after six weeks, it means it’s a chronic condition.

The most common causes include a herniated disc, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, and piriformis syndrome. Correctly diagnosing what’s causing your sciatica is key to treating it effectively.

The Neuragenex Neurofunctional Pain Management Protocol For Sciatica

We believe that to truly treat sciatica, we must look at it from a whole-person perspective. That’s why the Neuragenex Neurofunctional Pain Management approach involves the use of electroanalgesia, IV therapy, and lifestyle counseling to address the root cause of your sciatica and provide long-term relief. As a result, we are also able to avoid the use of the following:

  • Pain medications, which can be habit-forming or cause side effects. Pain medications also do not treat the underlying cause; they only temporarily mask the sciatica symptoms.
  • Surgical procedures, which should only be used as a very last resort. Surgery can lead to various complications, including infections, allergic reactions, and nerve damage. It can also be expensive and may require long recovery times.
  • Chiropractic treatments, which can cause further injury or discomfort. There’s also no proof that chiropractic treatment can provide long-term relief from sciatica symptoms.

Electroanalgesia For Sciatica in Powder Springs, Georgia

Electroanalgesia is an FDA-cleared electrical stimulation therapy solution that works by blocking pain signals from being sent to the brain and stimulating the release of endorphins. This safe and non-invasive treatment option can provide long-term relief from sciatica pain, weakness, and numbness.

It’s essential to differentiate electroanalgesia from other types of electrical stimulation therapies, such as TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation). Electroanalgesia was designed to provide long-lasting relief from chronic pain. In contrast, TENS therapy was designed for temporary relief from acute pain. This is because TENS uses low-pulse electrical impulses to stimulate the nerves (usually no more than 400 pulses per second), while electroanalgesia uses high-pulse electrical impulses (a Neuragenex NFPM electroanalgesia device delivers a standard of 8,300 pulses per second).

A higher pulse rate allows electrical currents to penetrate deeper into the tissue, which is why it’s more effective at blocking pain signals to the brain and releasing endorphins.

IV Therapy For Sciatica in Powder Springs, Georgia

IV therapy is a popular treatment option for a variety of chronic conditions, including sciatica. IV therapy works by delivering a combination of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients into the patient’s bloodstream. This is a great way to promote healing in the body and reduce inflammation (which can be a major cause of sciatica pain).

We tailor our IV therapy treatments to each patient, based on their specific needs. Our customized treatment plans typically include a combination of vitamins and minerals designed to reduce inflammation, improve mobility, promote overall health, and address any deficiencies we identify via bloodwork.

Lifestyle Counseling For Sciatica in Powder Springs, Georgia

We don’t just treat sciatica symptoms; we also focus on how to help our patients make lifestyle changes that will help them improve their chances of staying pain-free in the long term. That’s why our whole-person approach to sciatica treatment includes lifestyle counseling to address any potential underlying causes of sciatica, such as poor posture or inactivity.

Our counseling services are provided by experienced healthcare professionals who will work with you to develop an individualized plan for reducing or eliminating your sciatica pain. This plan may include lifestyle modifications such as diet and exercise, stretching and strengthening exercises, and relaxation techniques.

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