Understanding Jaw Pain: Causes, Symptoms, And Solutions For Relief

Jaw pain or tenderness is a common symptom caused by various conditions, including dental problems, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, sinusitis, and muscle tension. Symptoms can be mild to severe and can affect daily activities such as eating and speaking. We use Neuragenex Neurofunctional Pain Management protocol to address the neurological factors that can contribute to jaw pain or tenderness to help manage chronic pain and discomfort.

What Does Pain Or Tenderness Around The Jaw Feel Like?

There are several different types of pain or tenderness around the jaw that a person may experience, including:

  • Stiffness in the temporomandibular joints: This type of pain usually occurs on one side of the jaw and can make it difficult to open or close your mouth.
  • Throbbing pain: This type of pain may feel like a pulsating or throbbing sensation around the jaw and can be accompanied by swelling and redness.
  • Trismus: Also known as lockjaw, this condition causes difficulty in fully opening the mouth and can be accompanied by pain and tenderness around the jaw.
  • TinnitusTinnitus is ringing or buzzing in the ears and can sometimes be associated with jaw pain or tenderness.
  • Joint and muscle tenderness: This can cause pain when chewing, talking, or moving the jaw. It may also be accompanied by stiffness and limited movement.
  • Swelling: In some cases, jaw pain or tenderness may be accompanied by noticeable swelling in the area.

What Causes A Painful Jaw?

Pain or tenderness around the jaw can be caused by various factors, including:


Bruxism occurs when you clench or grind your teeth, usually during sleep. This can cause pressure and strain on the jaw muscles, leading to pain and tenderness. It’s caused by a variety of factors, including stress, anxiety, and misaligned teeth.


Arthritis is an inflammatory condition. It can affect your temporomandibular joint, thereby causing pain, swelling, and difficulty in jaw movement. Arthritis can also lead to damage to the cartilage lining the TMJ. It’s caused by a breakdown of the cartilage due to wear and tear or inflammation.

Jaw Trauma 

Injuries or trauma to the jaw, such as a direct blow or impact, can cause pain and tenderness. This type of injury can also lead to other conditions, such as jaw dislocation or fracture. Jaw trauma can be caused by various accidents or sports activities.

Stress And Anxiety

Stress and anxiety can contribute to jaw pain or tenderness by causing muscle tension and clenching of the teeth. This can put pressure on the TMJ, leading to discomfort and pain.

Myofascial Pain Syndrome

Myofascial pain syndrome involves muscle pain and tenderness. It can affect various parts of the body, including the jaw muscles, leading to discomfort and pain around the jaw. It’s caused by repetitive strain or injury to the muscles.

Dental Conditions

Tooth decay, gum disease, abscesses, and other dental problems can cause pain and tenderness around the jaw, due to infection or inflammation. These conditions can also cause referred pain, where the discomfort is felt in a different area from where the problem originates.

Temporomandibular Joints (TMJ) Disorders

TMJ disorders affect the joints and muscles around the jaw. These can cause pain, tenderness, stiffness, and limited movement in the jaw. They can be caused by a variety of factors, including arthritis, trauma, or misalignment of the teeth.

Jaw Locking

Jaw locking is a condition where the jaw becomes stuck in an open or closed position, making it difficult to move. It can be caused by various factors, including injury, arthritis, or damage to the jaw joint.


Malocclusion refers to a misalignment of the teeth. This can cause strain and pressure on the jaw muscles and can lead to pain and tenderness around the jaw. Malocclusion can be caused by genetics, abnormal jaw development, and oral habits such as thumb sucking.


Fibromyalgia is a condition defined by symptoms that include widespread muscle pain and tenderness. It can also affect the muscles in the jaw, causing discomfort and pain. The cause of the condition is unknown, but it’s believed to be related to abnormalities in how the brain and spinal cord process pain signals.

Neuragenex NFPM Approach To Pain Or Tenderness Around The Jaw

We use non-invasive, non-surgical, non-chiropractic, and drug-free treatment modalities to help provide long-term relief from chronic pain and inflammation. Our Neuragenex Neurofunctional Pain Management approach involves evaluating and treating the underlying neurological factors that lead to jaw pain or tenderness.

This includes addressing issues such as muscle tension, nerve inflammation, and misaligned joints using our whole-person approach to pain management. The following are the treatment modalities that we use to help manage pain or tenderness around the jaw:


Electroanalgesia is a pain management technique that uses high-pulse electrical current to ease pain, boost blood circulation, improve mobility, and induce...

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IV Therapy

IV nutritional therapy, or intravenous therapy, involves administering vital nutrients directly to the bloodstream through an IV. This type of treatment bypasses the digestive system, allowing for maximum absorption and utilization of nutrients by the...

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Lifestyle Counseling

Lifestyle counseling is an approach to managing chronic pain that involves identifying, assessing, and modifying lifestyle factors contributing to an individual's pain. For example, lifestyle factors such as nutrition, physical activity, stress, sleep quality...

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We Manage Conditions Causing Pain Or Tenderness Around Jaw

Because our treatments specifically target the neurological factors contributing to jaw pain or tenderness, we can help manage various conditions that cause these symptoms. These include:

Fibromyalgia Pain Treatment

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TMJ Pain Treatment

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Free Yourself From Jaw Discomfort And Pain

If you are experiencing jaw tenderness or pain, it’s important to seek treatment as soon as possible. Ignoring the symptoms can lead to a worsening of the condition and potentially more severe complications. We understand the effect that chronic pain can have on your day-to-day life, and our goal is to help you manage and overcome it.

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