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Immunotherapy For Allergy-Induced Systemic Inflammation

Although the immune system is incredibly efficient and resilient, it does not always work perfectly. In some cases, the immune system produces antibodies to identify a certain substance – known as an allergen – as harmful, even if it isn’t. An allergen can be a food or ingredient, something that is in the surrounding environment (i.e.: pollen), or a substance you get in contact with. 

When you are exposed to an allergen, your immune system releases a compound called histamine, which triggers inflammation in your body in an attempt to fight the substance that is mistakenly identified as harmful. 

If left untreated, such high levels of uncontrolled inflammation can cause hives, rashes, itchy eyes, blockages to the airways, breathing trouble, low blood pressure, and asthma attacks. This reaction is known as allergy-induced systemic inflammation.

While avoiding a certain allergen or taking medications to regulate the reaction of the immune system have long been the go-to options for millions of people, immunotherapy is providing an efficient, non-invasive, and non-drug alternative. 

Immunotherapy has been recognized as a superior treatment for cancer because it does not involve damage to healthy tissue in the body. But this therapy is also becoming a more prominent option for environmental allergies and the associated inflammation. 

There are two main types of immunotherapy used for allergy-induced systemic inflammation: 

  • Subcutaneous immunotherapy (SCIT): In this therapy, injections of a low dose of the allergen are delivered under the skin. Over time, your doctor gradually increases this dose until your immune system becomes less reactive.
  • Sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT): This therapy involves taking a concentrated amount of an allergen under your tongue daily, in the form of a tablet. Dosages are increased over time. 

Not only can these therapies reduce the symptoms of allergic reactions, but they can also prevent your immune system from triggering a spike in levels of inflammation. This can help you live free of chronic pain and improve your overall quality of life.

Ease Chronic Pain

The widespread inflammation caused by allergic reactions puts your body under extreme stress. The constant coughing and sneezing may lead to headaches, fatigue, tiredness, and neck or back pain. 

Even worse, the high levels of inflammation, coupled with an inhibited immune system, can worsen inflammatory and chronic pain conditions like arthritis and osteoarthritis. This can cause you to experience intense pain and excessive swelling or stiffness for months at a time. 

Through immunotherapy, your immune system can learn to modulate its response to allergens that should be considered harmless. In turn, you can prevent spikes in inflammation levels and better manage your chronic pain without medications or surgery.

Reduce Inflamed Respiratory Tissues

During an allergic reaction, the histamines released by the immune system trigger a spike in inflammatory cells, which begin to circulate throughout the body uncontrolled. When these inflammatory cells infiltrate the nasal mucosa, you may start having trouble breathing and even experience an asthma attack. 

While severe, these complications can be easily prevented with immunotherapy. By retraining your immune system to control the levels of inflammation, you can reduce inflamed tissues and prevent respiratory emergencies. 

Plus, you can stop the annoying symptoms of seasonal allergies – such as tearing eyes, itchy nose, coughing, and sneezing – which can cause fatigue, headaches, neck pain, and ultimately get in the way of your daily life.

Boost Your Immune System

With immunotherapy, not only you are able to retrain your immune response to tolerate allergens, but you can also strengthen your immune system as a whole. Ad hoc immunotherapies can be used to increase the number and efficacy of immune cells, which play a vital role in fighting off diseases and regulating inflammation throughout the body. 

This can help ease the symptoms of lifelong pain conditions such as neuropathy and arthritis. Additionally, given that insulin resistance weakens the immune system, immunotherapy plays a role in keeping your immune response strong if you have diabetes, thus preventing serious complications such as infections.

Decrease/Eliminate The Need For Antihistamines

Antihistamines are often considered the first line of treatment for allergies, especially because they are easily accessible. This class of drugs works by reducing the action of histamines, the compound causing inflammation during an allergic reaction. As such, they may provide relief from symptoms in the short term. 

Nonetheless, allergies are a lifelong condition – and taking antihistamines every day for months at a time can lead to severe side effects, such as headaches, blurred vision, sleepiness, nausea, and difficulty urinating.

Immunotherapy provides a far longer-lasting alternative that does not involve these risks. 

While, with this therapy, results are visible only during the first year of treatment, patients can permanently retrain their immune system to tolerate allergens, which can provide lifelong relief from symptoms without the need for taking medications throughout the allergy season. 

Encourage Greater Physical Activity & Movement

If you suffer from seasonal allergies every aspect of your life is affected. You may struggle to breathe properly, and the constant sneezing and coughing may get in the way of your ability to concentrate and be productive in the workplace. 

Even worse, allergic reactions can aggravate your chronic or inflammatory condition to a point where the intense pain can prevent you from exercising or even moving properly. And, these symptoms can last for several months each year. 

When choosing immunotherapy to manage your seasonal or environmental allergies, you’ll work towards retraining your immune system to work properly and manage inflammation. In turn, even when you are exposed to allergens, you can continue to enjoy your daily life without pain or discomfort.

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The Important Role Of Allergy Testing in Immunotherapy

In the immune system, a key role is played by proteins called antibodies. Each of these antibodies is responsible for recognizing a certain antigen (a harmful substance or toxin), binding to it, and neutralizing it. 

Each antibody can be very specific and react against a single type of allergen, thus triggering an allergic reaction. In simpler terms, you can be allergic to a certain type of pollen or dust mite, but not another.

To complicate things is the fact there is an infinite number of binding points that antibodies can use to attach to an allergen, which means that you can be allergic to anything from bee stings to mold, animal fur, and foods. 

This makes it essential to undergo comprehensive allergy testing to identify the allergens your immune system is sensitive to. 

Once the team of specialists has a complete picture of what substances mistakenly trigger your immune response, concentrations of these allergens are added to an ad hoc immunotherapy serum created around your unique needs. 

After obtaining your treatment plan, you can self-administer immunotherapy at home, with no disruptions to your daily life. 

Seasonal allergies can cause you to experience debilitating widespread inflammation, chronic pain, and fatigue for months at a time. But taking histamines daily to manage your distress is no longer the only option available. Thanks to the customized immunotherapy plans offered at Neuragenex NFPM, you can retrain your body to deal with allergens properly, modulate inflammation, and live free of chronic pain. 

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