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Note: Currently the Neuragenex NFPM at Home Program is only available in the Phoenix Valley in Arizona. Please check here to see when your state will be added, and join the waiting list! Taking the time tested and highly effective treatment modality of Neurofunctional Pain management, combined with the convenience of in home care. This program lasts for six weeks, with two visits per week from a mobile technician who will administer your Neuragenex NFPM treatment right from the comfort of your own home!

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Overcome Phantom Limb Pain And Reclaim Your Comfort

Phantom limb pain is a type of neuropathic pain that refers to the sensation of pain in a limb that has been amputated. The constant phantom pain can lead to difficulties with daily activities, sleep disturbances, and even depression.

We understand the complexities of phantom limb pain and have developed a unique whole-person treatment approach combining advanced technology with personalized care to address the neurological factors contributing to this condition.

This table summarizes the benefits of the Neurofunctional Pain Management (NFPM) protocol.

  • Causing persistent pain and discomfort
  • Limiting mobility
  • Tingling, burning, or itching sensations in the phantom limb
  • Causing sleep disturbances and chronic fatigue
  • Triggering psychological distress
  • Alleviating pain and discomfort
  • Restoring full mobility
  • Normalizing the sensations in the limb
  • Improving sleep patterns and reducing fatigue
  • Mitigating psychological distress

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What Is Phantom Limb Pain?

Phantom limb pain can occur after a limb has been amputated, and it is estimated that up to 80% of amputees experience some form of phantom sensation. This is not the same as having an imaginary or psychological pain, but rather an actual physical sensation that feels like it is coming from the missing limb. The exact cause of phantom limb pain isn’t fully understood. However, it is believed to be caused by a mix of physical and psychological factors.

Some contributing factors include:

Residual nerve damage from the amputation
Changes in the brain’s perception of pain and sensory information
Emotional distress or trauma related to the amputation
Inflammation and nerve hypersensitivity in the stump area

What It Feels Like Living With Phantom Limb Pain

Living with phantom limb pain can be a daily struggle for those who experience it. The sensation of pain, tingling, burning, or itching in a limb that is no longer there can cause immense discomfort and frustration. Phantom limb pain can also lead to limitations in mobility and activities, hindering an individual’s ability to fully engage in their daily lives.

In addition to the physical symptoms, phantom limb pain can also have a significant psychological impact. The constant pain and discomfort can lead to feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, and depression. It may also trigger memories or emotions related to the amputation, causing further distress. This makes finding an effective treatment for phantom limb pain crucial for improving both physical and mental well-being.

The Neuragenex NFPM Protocol For Managing Phantom Limb Pain

We use a Neurofunctional Pain Management approach to treating phantom limb pain. This approach targets the underlying neurological factors contributing to chronic pain and inflammation. Because phantom limb pain is often caused by changes in the brain’s perception of pain and sensory information, the Neuragenex NFPM protocol is especially effective in providing long-term relief. For example, electroanalgesia is a key component of our treatment, using high-pulse electrical stimulation to modulate nerve activity and reduce pain signals.

To ensure a whole-person approach, we also provide personalized care plans that may include IV therapy and lifestyle counseling tailored to the individual’s needs. The following are the drug-free, non-chiropractic, non-surgical, and non-invasive treatment modalities that we use in the Neuragenex NFPM protocol:


Electroanalgesia is a pain management technique that uses high-pulse electrical current to ease pain, boost blood circulation, improve mobility, and induce...

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IV Therapy

IV nutritional therapy, or intravenous therapy, involves administering vital nutrients directly to the bloodstream through an IV. This type of treatment bypasses the digestive system, allowing for maximum absorption and utilization of nutrients by the...

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Lifestyle Counseling

Lifestyle counseling is an approach to managing chronic pain that involves identifying, assessing, and modifying lifestyle factors contributing to an individual's pain. For example, lifestyle factors such as nutrition, physical activity, stress, sleep quality...

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Electroanalgesia in El Mirage, Arizona

IV Therapy in El Mirage, Arizona

Lifestyle Counseling in El Mirage, Arizona

Achieve Effective Pain Control With Neuragenex NFPM

We offer a unique and effective approach to managing phantom limb pain. Our non-invasive, non-surgical, and drug-free treatment protocol targets the neurological factors contributing to this condition, providing long-term relief from chronic pain and inflammation. With personalized care plans and advanced technology such as electroanalgesia and IV therapy, individuals can overcome phantom limb pain and improve their comfort and well-being. Don’t let phantom limb pain control your life – contact us today to explore how we can help you reclaim your comfort.

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In our clinics, we’ve seen remarkable outcomes with the Neuragenex Neurofunctional Pain Management protocols. Patients receiving peripheral neuropathy treatment have reported significant relief, just as those undergoing knee pain treatment have found newfound mobility and ease. Similarly, individuals who have opted for our treatment for migraines and chronic headaches share stories of renewed comfort and reduced frequency of their symptoms.

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