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Discover the benefits of our Libido IV drip. The Neuragenex IV therapy uses vitamins and minerals to achieve effective results.

All Neuragenex IV Treatments include a full body electroanalgesia treatment. This adds an extra level of power to the effect that no other IV program can match. Read more about Electroanalgesia here

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Get A Full-Body Electroanalgesia (EA) Treatment

What makes the Neuragenex IV stand out in such a crowded market of clinics offering IV therapies is the fact that the protocol pioneered by Neuragenex is much more than just another IV drip.

As we are about to see below, each Neuragenex IV drip is formulated to tackle the root causes of conditions that may be compromising your health. But what makes this protocol so unique is that a full-body electroanalgesia session is provided as a standard as part of each treatment.

Electroanalgesia is a superior form of electrical stimulation that leverages targeted high-frequency pulses of electricity. This therapy, which is entirely painless, non-invasive, and non-pharmaceutical, works to relieve pain in several ways:

  • It interferes with the transmission of pain signals to and from the brain, thus providing long-lasting relief from pain
  • It has a repolarizing effect on pain neurons, causing a quick shift in electrical charge
  • It releases several chemicals related to feelings of well-being and relaxation

The combination of these effects enables electroanalgesia to generate a low-to-no pain state in which the body can refocus energy toward systems such as digestion, immunity, and healing. But the benefits of electroanalgesia don’t end there.

During the full-body EA session delivered as part of the Neuragenex IV protocol, the high-pulse electrical stimulation will trigger the release of a wide range of neuropeptides, such as endorphins, enkephalins, and GABA peptides.

Neuropeptides are chemical messengers that play a role in the regulation of several body functions, including appetite, relaxation, feelings of well-being, pain management, and learning, as well as reproduction and sexual function. These neuropeptides also aid in the absorption of the nutrients delivered intravenously during the Neuragenex IV.

The combination of electroanalgesia and specialized IV drips – which are unique in the market – is what makes the Neuragenex IV protocol so unique and superior.

Restore Passion With Our Libido Blend

Low libido can happen when you feel stressed or anxious, or if you have lived through some taxing life events.

But in most cases, the picture is more complex. Low sex drive is often a consequence of several factors, including experiencing discomfort during sex, suffering from chronic pain, having involuntary muscle contractions, or battling low self-esteem. Several other mental and physical factors can also play a role in your sex life.

However, low libido isn’t a normal part of life. Experiencing your intimacy fully and with serenity is essential to build a harmonious relationship with your partner and to feel at peace in your own body and mind. While certain supplements and drugs may help you in the short term, the consequences and side effects of these therapies aren’t to be taken lightly.

That’s why it is completely normal to explore other ways to boost your libido. That’s where the Neuragenex IV – Libido Blend comes in. Packed with essential nutrients and hydrating liquids and delivered alongside electroanalgesia, this protocol will help you tackle the root causes of decreased libido and help you return to enjoying your sex life to the fullest.

What Causes Reduced Libido?

What is a “normal” sex drive can vary from one person to another. You may be naturally more inclined to engage in sexual activity, while others are naturally less prone to do so.

What isn’t normal is a sharp drop in libido, which is often the consequence of social, psychological, and physical factors. Today, it is estimated that 1 in 5 men and even more women suffer from low libido at some point in their lives.

While a lot is yet to be understood about the factors that play a role in a person’s sex drive changes, understanding the most likely culprits can help you tackle the root of the problem and return to living your relationships fully. Some of these culprits include:

  • Fatigue

Experiencing excessive fatigue can significantly lower your libido. Fatigue often stems from factors such as stress, poor diet, or irregular sleep patterns – all of which take your mind off sexual desire and even directly impact your hormonal balance.

  • Medical conditions

Certain medical conditions arising from systemic inflammation can cause chronic pain and discomfort, especially during sex. Suffering from these disorders may make movements undesirable and cause you to start seeing sex as a chore.

For example, it is estimated that up to 70% of women with endometriosis have some type of sexual dysfunction due to the pain they experience.

Some of the most common pain conditions that may be getting in the way of your sex life include:

– Rheumatoid Arthritis
– Headaches
– Fibromyalgia
– Pelvic Floor Muscle Spasms
– Endometriosis

  • Hormonal changes

Given the influence that hormones have on all aspects of a person’s reproductive health, it isn’t surprising that hormonal changes can have a significant impact on your libido.

For example, a decrease in sex hormones like testosterone or estrogen, which may occur naturally with age or as a result of certain medical conditions, can lead to lower sex drive. Conditions like menopause in women and hypogonadism in men, as well as hormonal contraceptives, can also contribute to hormonal fluctuations.

  • Stress And Anxiety

If you’ve noticed that when you are stressed or anxious you have a lower sex drive, you are certainly not imagining it. Psychological factors such as self-esteem, stress, and feeling overwhelmed, as well as mental health issues like anxiety and depression have been seen to significantly impact libido.

A lot is to be understood about the link between sexual desire and mental health. However, a lot of dynamics take place when you are stressed or anxious, dynamics that can further lower your libido.

Firstly, suffering from chronic stress and anxiety can increase your pain perception. If you have a chronic pain condition that is preventing you from engaging in sexual activity, feeling stressed can aggravate your symptoms. What’s more, stress and anxiety, as well as sleep disruptions, are associated with hormones such as cortisol, which also play a role in sexual arousal.

How Our Libido Blend Can Help You

If you are battling any of the causes of low libido seen above, you may begin to feel like there is no way of regaining your sexual health. The Neuragenex IV protocol is here to prove you wrong: tackling the root causes of low sex drive is possible without drugs or supplements. Here’s how.

Increases Energy Levels

The Neuragenex IV – Libido Blend works by tackling one of the main causes of libido: fatigue. When you feel fatigued, overwhelmed, or stressed, any pain symptom you may have flares up, taking your mind away from sex.

The Neuragenex IV – Libido Blend delivers essential nutrients and hydrating liquids directly into the bloodstream, thus making them immediately available to the body for use. These carefully picked nutrients support the activity of the mitochondria, which is the part of the cell responsible for producing energy, and supports bodily functions involved with manufacturing, storing, and using energy.

Improves Blood Circulation

Blood flow plays a role in stimulating arousal and supporting sexual activity. But supporting your blood circulation isn’t easy – especially when it is influenced by an endless list of lifestyle, health, and emotional factors.

The Neuragenex IV – Libido Blend helps support optimal blood circulation by providing your body with the essential hydrating fluids necessary to combat chronic dehydration. When you are dehydrated, the volume of blood in the body decreases, which can lead to low libido, as well as increased pain symptoms and poor sexual outcomes.

Reduces Stress

When you are feeling stressed, it is all the more difficult to enjoy sex – let alone the fact that chronic stress can intensify pain symptoms and leave you feeling exhausted at all times. The Neuragenex IV – Libido Blend, also thanks to the combination of electroanalgesia and IV therapy, can help lower stress levels and trigger the release of the chemicals responsible for feelings of pleasure, relaxation, and happiness.

Boosts Sexual Drive

There is no denying that addressing low libido can be complicated. Changing aspects of your mental and physical health can take months or years. The Neuragenex IV – Libido Blend is created to give you a boost in regaining your normal, healthy levels of sexual desire. By allowing the body to return to its optimal function, the Neuragenex protocol can boost your sex drive and ultimately support your sexual health.

Our Essential Blend Of Amino Acids

Each of the blends delivered as part of our Neuragenex IV plans is created to tackle the root cause of your symptoms, thus working as a stepping stone to rebuilding your long-term sexual and overall health.

The ingredients are carefully chosen and measured to create a balanced, powerful blend, able to yield the best possible health outcomes. Learn more about the composition of the Neuragenex IV – Libido Blend below.


Taurine is a type of amino acid (the building blocks of proteins) that contributes to several important functions in the body, including regulating minerals and processing bile. It’s naturally produced by the body by synthesizing other amino acids, such as methionine and cysteine.

When it comes to sexual health and libido, taurine plays a vital role in maintaining healthy testosterone levels, which can support a healthy sex drive. Additionally, taurine may boost energy levels or decrease stress, effects that aid sexual performance as well by promoting stamina and mental well-being.


Carnitine is an essential compound that the body utilizes for energy production and metabolic activities. The main role of this compound is to bring long-chain fatty acids to the mitochondria (the part of the cell responsible for energy production), where they are transformed into ATP (adenosine triphosphate).

ATP works by transporting energy throughout the body and boosting cellular operations – in other words, ATP is the body’s “energy courier.”

Not only does carnitine help you feel more energized, relaxed, and focused, but it also plays a role in sexual health and libido by supporting sperm motility, optimal testosterone production, and testicular function.


Arginine is an essential amino acid that is not naturally produced by your body – it needs to be obtained through diet or supplements. It plays a critical role in sexual health and libido by enhancing blood flow throughout the body.

In terms of libido and sex drive, arginine supports erections and clitoral arousal, which occur thanks to increased blood flow. What’s more, this amino acid promotes longer-lasting vaginal lubrication, which can improve sexual outcomes and boost pleasure for both parties.

How We Administer The Neuragenex IV

After an initial consultation and evaluation of your symptoms, the expert team of IV specialists at Neuragenex will recommend the best Neuragenex IV protocol for your needs.

After taking a simple set of vitals, our experts will then set up the IV drip and provide you with a full-body electroanalgesia session. Throughout the treatment, you’ll be able to enjoy a stress-free, relaxing, and painless experience that will leave you feeling fully pampered.

During the administration of the Neuragenex IV, our care team will monitor the drip rate to ensure optimal nutrient absorption and will ensure that you are comfortable throughout the experience. At the same time, the electrical stimulation delivered through electroanalgesia will provide a massage-like experience, induce an overall sense of well-being, and facilitate the absorption of key vitamins, minerals, and hydrating fluids.

While there is no downtime after the Neuragenex IV, our care team will provide personalized recommendations to help you achieve the best clinical outcomes. Our expert will be by your side throughout the treatment to answer any questions you may have.

Who Can Benefit From The Infusion?

If you have been experiencing low sex drive and you are witnessing the toll it’s taking on your relationship, the Neuragenex IV can help. Through a combination of carefully selected IV ingredients and a full-body electroanalgesia session, our protocol can help you jump-start the process of restoring your sexual health and returning to enjoy your sex life to the fullest.


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