RELATYV Snore Circle Sleep Therapy


RELATYV Snore Circle Sleep Therapy uses a device with bone-conduction and sound recognition tech to detect and address snoring with low-frequency pulses. The device emits micro impulses to activate and support throat muscles, aiding in opening the airway for smoother, quieter breathing.

  • Snore Circle Sleep Therapy Device

Additional Information

The device integrates advanced bone conduction and sound recognition technologies to precisely detect snoring. It employs low-frequency pulses and a patented anti-snoring algorithm, emitting micro impulses ranging from 10Hz to 60Hz for targeted intervention. 

With a lightweight design of only 10 grams, it utilizes medical-grade disposable electrodes for cleanliness and comfort. Additionally, an independently developed app provides a comprehensive analysis of sleep and snoring data for enhanced monitoring and management.


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