RELATYV & Health Insurance

We want to disrupt the world of medical insurance, and it starts with YOU!

Have you ever felt like the entire insurance landscape is a murky sea of the unknown? 
How much is this going to cost? 
what is my copay? 
what is a Statement of benefits? 
it goes on…

Now, we are not trying to say that it is intentional, but the entire process is a bit of a mess. Lets be real.

Now the question you really came here for, is can you use your insurance for payments when you shop at RELATYV.

Technically, as long as your claim is valid, you can personally lodge anything on your insurance, and they will determine with you if it is covered or not, and if it is covered how much you can receive back. 

We know that sounds daunting, but we will make it as easy as possible for you every step of the way. Our concierge team will be able to provide you with everything you need to seamlessly and easily lodge your claim.

The number one thing you can count on with RELATYV is that the price is simply the price.