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Neuragenex NFPM (Neurofunctional pain Management) Can Now Be Brought to You By RELATYV

In 2019 I founded and created Neuragenex as a next generation pain management practice dedicated to treating chronic pain without drugs, surgery, or invasive procedures. To make this dream a reality that could scale across the nation, I created a new standardized treatment protocol called Neurofunctional Pain Management. This protocol can be adopted by almost any medical practice to effectively treat a wide range of chronic pain conditions without drugs or surgery, allowing this advanced pain treatment model to be available in more locations and serve more patients who need this option.

RELATYV is the ideal healthcare technology platform to expand rapidly and serve the growing needs of the Neurofunctional Pain Management program that is greatly needed across the nation.

Our mission for Neurofunctional Pain Management is still the same as the day I penned this phrase that has driven our ambition and passion: Relief Pain, Restore Health, and Magnify Quality of Life without Drugs, Surgery, or Invasive Procedures.

Will Bozeman, Founder of Neuragenex Neurofunctional Pain Management

Did you know that living with Chronic Pain could take up to 10 years off your life expectancy? It is more than just pain, but your are not alone

Same Neuragenex Vision and Treatment Protocol, But More Convenient

Having run Neuragenex out of brick and mortar clinics since 2019, Will has taken the step of making these ground breaking therapies available in the comfort of your own home!

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Countless people — with dozens of varying chronic pain conditions — have come to us, sought help, and changed their lives for the better. Read about how they finally rid themselves of the pain and imagine yourself being one of them — in very short order.

Neuragenex is the #1 Fastest Growing, "Next-Gen" Pain Management Treatment In The Nation

Relieve Pain

Our Proprietary Treatment Has Received the Highest FDA-Clearance in the Nation

RELATYV is the Exclusive Provider of Neurofunctional Pain Management Therapy™ in the United States

Neurofunctional Pain Management®️ is a non-pharmaceutical, non-surgical, non-invasive, and non-chiropractic pain management program. Patients who receive Neurofunctional Pain Management™ treatment for chronic pain conditions may be able to avoid opioids and reduce or even eliminate the need for surgery, invasive procedures, and implants.

Our Proprietary, FDA-Cleared Pain Relief Solution

Covered by Medicare and Most Insurances


Neuragenex NFPM is covered by Medicare and major insurances, including Medicaid. Even if you don’t have insurance or traditional insurance coverage, we are committed to making our life changing treatments are available to as many people as possible. No matter your insurance situation, our Patient Navigators work with you to ensure your insurance(s) cover as much as possible for you and/or provide you options such as affordable payments or alternative financing, if necessary.

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