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October 25, 2022

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Introduction to Fibromyalgia and its Prevalence

Understanding the causes of fibromyalgia is crucial, as four million adults in the United States suffer from the effects of this condition, which causes widespread pain and irritation in targeted points of the body. These pains can often cause patients to have nightly insomnia and overall sleep deprivation over time. However, while these conditions affect roughly 2% of the United States adult population, diagnosis of this chronic pain condition remains an elusive prospect for physicians who desire to find an effective treatment for their patients.

Fibromyalgia: A Recognized Chronic Pain Condition

The mysterious nature of this disabling chronic pain condition frustrates physicians across the United States. However, fibromyalgia is recognized and has an entry in the 10th edition of The International Classification of Diseases which is seen as one of the most reputable sources for diagnosis of disability. For all intents and purposes, fibromyalgia is a legitimate condition and can result in debilitating ongoing chronic pain that can impact quality of life and cascade into a wide range of other health problems. Those who claim they’ve experienced the pain of fibromyalgia and seek medical attention or treatment are often met with skepticism from their physicians, but there is real pain and there are real negative health effects caused fibromyalgia.

What Causes Fibromyalgia?

Genetics or Family History

Many patients diagnosed with Fibromyalgia will recognize their symptoms of chronic pain to be akin to the symptoms of other family members, especially their progenitors. If a patient suffers from the effects of fibromyalgia, it is possible that their condition will present itself in their family members as well.


Fibromyalgia is more commonly diagnosed in women rather than men. The direct reason for this is unknown, however patients should be made aware that they are more likely to be diagnosed with fibromyalgia and experience its effects if they are female.

Emotional/Physical Trauma

Patients who are diagnosed with Fibromyalgia will often report having suffered traumatic emotional or physical experiences. Triggering events can present a range of health problems throughout life, chronic pain from persistent fibromyalgia is just one of the many possible downstream effects of physical or emotional trauma.

Relatyv: Innovative Solutions for Fibromyalgia Relief

Regardless of the causes of your fibromyalgia condition, Relatyv offers a solution to this condition and wide range of chronic musculoskeletal pain conditions. Many patients have experienced relief from the pains and irritations of fibromyalgia through our patented and the FDA approved devices and treatments, such as TENS devices Patients who may have been wary of taking medication or undergoing expensive surgery and invasive procedures to alleviate their symptoms, can instead resolve their chronic pain and restore overall health using our innovative therapy combination of electroanalgesia technology and IV nutritional and hydration therapies. These two therapy models combined along with our extensive diagnostic process, is a powerful combination of therapy for fibromyalgia. Many patients experience immediate relief and experience significant pain reduction after just one session.

Advanced Electroanalgesia Technology for Pain Management

Relatyv uses patented and FDA approved electroanalgesia medical devices to deliver high pulse high frequency electrical stimulation to produce a deep and long lasting pain relief effect. Our technology is not what you may see in other offices offering some lesser version of an electrical stimulation device. Most other devices are low power and low pulse per second wave devices that offer very limited relief. Our device sends waves of energy that produce an effect called sustained depolarization of pain neurons. This effect created a pain relief that can become enduring over time with multiple treatments in succession. Our technology is not only used to treat the effects of fibromyalgia but a wide range of other chronic pain conditions stemming from age related degeneration, health related conditions, and accidents both physical and mental.

A study done by Clarence Cone, MD, PhD at the University of Virginia found that Electroanalgesia technology used by Relatyv has been proven to reduce pain reporting through pain neurons. This will result in our patients experiencing less and less pain over the course of multiple treatment session from fibromyalgia and many other painful conditions. Sessions with Relatyv often result in immediate and long-lasting pain relief. Patients express relief from the pain but also the peace of mind that they do not need to rely on potentially addictive medications that have undesirable side-effects.

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